Who We Are

The UN is an impartial, rights-based and strategic partner supporting the Government of Timor-Leste as a member State to fulfil its commitments to advance the 2030 agenda for all.

The United Nations (UN) in Timor-Leste consist of about 15 different agencies, each with many programs and projects, all aimed at helping the Government of Timor-Leste improve people’s lives.

The United Nations was started after World War II and has been involved in Timor-Leste affairs since 1960.

It has helped move Timor-Leste to independence, then to democracy. Since 2012, the UN in Timor-Leste has moved on from peace-keeping to improving prosperity through development.

The UN is led by the UN Resident Coordinator. The Resident Coordinator, Mr Roy Trivedy, is the designated representative of the UN Secretary-General to Timor-Leste and is responsible for the coordination of development activities in the country.

Under the Resident Coordinator system all UN agencies come together with the Government of Timor-Leste and other development partners to support the achievement of Timor-Leste’s national development priorities.

In recent years there has been a clear break with the peace keeping and political leadership of the past and the UN in Timor-Leste is now entirely focused on sustainable development.

The UN in Timor-Leste is mainly staffed by Timorese who know and understand the country.

The UN provides advice and support based on its global, regional, national and local experience.

The UN in Timor-Leste provides value and is driven by human rights principles, good development and humanitarian needs.


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