Voices from the Field

Farewell after five years to UNDP Head

Claudio Providas in 2016 at Bacau at a UNDP project ''Protection and maintenance of small scale infrastructure.'' This was the inauguration of communal water solutions with Ministry of State Administration in Bacau Municipality. (Pic: UNDP)

Voices from the Field

By Ian Mannix (UN)

 14 May, 2019

 Claudio Providas arrived at the United Nations in Timor-Leste in 2015 to his first assignment in the Asia-Pacific Region, with an open mind. 

Community action on TB in Timor-Leste


Community action against TB in Timor-Leste

IOM Dili April 18 2019

Cecilia MCINTOSH, IOM Dili.


UN Agencies in Timor-Leste are working with the Ministry of Health to end TB through community screening with people on the move – such as university and school students; police and defence forces;  border communities;  and other highly mobile populations including agricultural workers, market vendors, bus and truck drivers.

Lurdes Gonçalves setting example for teachers in Timor-Leste

Students work in pairs and small groups in this class, which was previously unheard of under a traditional system of rote learning, where teachers merely lectured to students. Thigs are changing now, teachers like Lurdes Gonçalves are leading the young learner. UNICEF Timor-Leste/2018/amin

MATATA, TIMOR-LESTE, 31 JULY 2018 – Lurdes Gonçalves stands before her quiet fifth-grade class with a knowing smile on her face. “We’ve been sitting too long,” she announces, as she surveys the sleepy faces before her. “It’s time for a game.”

The children obligingly stand to follow Lurdes through a rapid-fire round of a sing-song game involving complicated arm movements and repeated rhyming phrases, leaving them breathless and giggling after just a few short minutes. Then, the class continues, with her newly attentive listeners poring earnestly over their reading books. 

From Where I Stand: “I expect that the CEO of Telkomcel will be a woman within the next 5 - 10 years.”

As CEO of Telkomcel Timor-Leste, Yogi Rizkian Bahar signed the CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2010.

Our [company] culture gives equal opportunity to everyone, both men and women.

40 per cent of the managers are women in our company and they have made an outstanding contribution to the company. For instance, we have a colleague, Joana. She is a manager of our Enterprise and Whole Sales Department, and more than 50 per cent of revenue is coming from that Department. This shows us that women fit and have great achievements in high-level positions.

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Nurses learning better care for mothers

On the 18th of June 2018, UNFPA conducted an Intra-partum and Immediate Post-partum care training in collaboration with the National Health Institute (INS) of the Ministry of Health (MoH), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Guido Valdares National Hospital Timor-Leste, John Snow International (JSI), and Health Alliance International (HAI).

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