Third Timor-Leste Climate Change conference address by UN Res. Coordinator



Dili, June 6, 2019

From United Nations in Timor Leste



The United Nations in Timor-Leste congratulates the Government of Timor-Leste and all partners for their continued commitment to address the challenge of climate change.

The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Timor Leste, Mr. Roy Trivedy, was speaking at the Timor-Leste’s Third Climate Change conference in Dili today.

Mr Trivedy, said the rate of growth of Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is faster than many scientists predicted.

‘’We are already seeing the impact of less predictable weather patterns, rising sea levels, glaciers melting at an advanced rate. These changes will lead to a more displacement of people, forced migration as a result of weather patterns changing and more frequent natural disasters.’’

Mr Trivedy says Timor-Leste has made some substantial achievements in its determination to limit the impact of Global warming on the people of the country.

‘’Timor-Leste’s natural resources together with the existence of the Petroleum Fund puts the country in a unique position to search for and find sustainable development paths that do not rely solely on extraction of natural resources and fossil fuels.’’

Quoting an African proverb, he said: ‘’The time to build you house is when the sun is shining. Not when the stormy weather begins”.

Mr Trivedy urged the government and all partners to be work more effectively together to address the global climate crisis.

‘’Timor-Leste has shown that on human rights, reconciliation, peace and justice and reducing plastics it CAN lead the world’’ he said.

‘’Timor-Leste has shown that on human rights, reconciliation, peace and justice and reducing plastics it CAN lead the world’’ he said.

‘’We can all do more to increase the use of renewable energy. To create an environment which encourages more people to shift to renewables.

‘’Imagine if every school and health centre was powered by solar power and batteries – a reliable, renewable cheaper source of energy’’.

 ‘’Governments can set an example with infrastructure which is more adaptable and flexible; that conserves water, promotes investment in renewable energy, encourages people to use energy and water carefully.

‘’Agriculture and land clearing are among the biggest challenges around the climate emergency in Timor-Leste and we can all do more to prevent deforestation. He noted that in Oe-cusse there is a plan to plant seven million trees over the next few years.

‘’One third of the land area of Timor-Leste is covered by shrubs, and it may be possible to target at least some of this for productive new forests.

‘’Everyone has a role to play in this global crisis; government, businesses, investors, civil society, development partners, communities and families.

Later this year, Timor-Leste will attend the UN High Level Forum discussion on the Climate Crisis. Timor-Leste will have an opportunity to share what is happening in the country and how people and institutions are addressing this critical challenge.  

‘’The UN together with other development partners stands ready to assist Timor-Leste to reach its aspirations in a practical way. The United Nations in Timor-Leste through my own office and all our agencies including FAO, WHO and UNDP, are fully committed to support the Government of Timor -Leste’s actions to address the climate emergency.


The auditorium at the Finance Building was full, and warmly applauded when they heard 15 year old Swedish School Girl Greta Thunberg (right) speech to the United Nations in October.





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