Coronavirus Outbreak in China

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On 31 December 2019, the Government of China reported a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A new coronavirus was eventually identified. As of 26 January 2020, a total of 2014 confirmed cases have been reported globally including 1985 cases from China. Out of the above confirmed cases, 56 people have died in China so far.

 What is the situation in Timor-Leste?

World Health Organisation (WHO) is in regular contact with Member States where cases have been reported. In Timor-Leste, WHO is closely monitoring the situation and providing support to the Ministry of Health in taking the following precautionary measures:

 What can people do to stay safe?

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises its following "standard recommendations" focusing on "hand and respiratory hygiene":

WHO is closely monitoring the situation and the latest updates are available on its global website. 

WHO advice to countries and individuals on (a) how to identify people sick with the virus, (b) how to care for them, (c) how to prevent spread and (d) how to protect themselves and others, including information on the safe-home care for patients with suspected novel coronavirus infection can be obtained from: